Herbal Medicine

Herbs can be used separately or blended together for individual prescriptions. They can be taken as tinctures, teas, tablets, or capsules. Herbal creams and ointments are prepared for external use for skin conditions or for joint complaints to assist with the relief of inflammation during treatment.

The effects of Herbal Medicine can be felt quite quickly with some acute conditions but more time sometimes has to be allowed for chronic conditions that have manifested over several months or years, although some relief from symptoms may be felt early in treatment.

A holistic approach is taken towards healing and seeking to find the underlying cause of disease rather than looking at only easing the symptoms. The aim of treatment is to restore your health and prevent disease. Advice on diet, nutrition, and lifestyle will also be included as part of the course of treatment Consultations. At the first consultation as well as listening to present problems, thorough case history and family history will be taken and include your present diet and lifestyle.  Sometimes additional examinations or non-invasive tests may be necessary.

Prescriptions. Prescriptions are prepared and made up for each individual and adjusted according to progress. Medicines can be posted to patients on a regular basis when appointments are not necessary.